Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Today's News

Barack Obama has been under fire for some incendiary speeches given by the pastor of his church. Today Obama answered his critics with a speech that is incredibly moving, powerful, energizing, hopeful, and applicable to all of us. For way too long, we've had politicians who bore the stew out of us. Obama, though, is a man who can put words together. Clinton has derided him has just a fancy speech-maker, but that's like saying Rembrandt was just a paint-slinger. This is a powerful speech. You can see the video or read the transcript here.

George Bush has also been speaking over the past few days. He thinks things are going great in Iraq and that invading the country was a perfectly fine idea. And although the Fed is in panic mode, slashing interest rates to their lowest levels in years and forcing bank mergers to keep them afloat, George Bush thinks the fundamentals of the economy are strong. Oh, and George Bush believes in the Easter Bunny.

I dare you to read Obama's speech and imagine George Bush speaking those words.

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