Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mac Attack

I love my MacBook, I really do, but contrary to the "I'm a Mac/I'm a PC" commercials, Macs aren't perfect.  Programs hang up occasionally and you get the "spinning wheel of death".  Or they just act funky.  The iChat program on Janis's computer hasn't worked quite right for many months now ... it'll run, but she needs to do some odd workarounds to get it to do things that it should be doing with one simple keystroke.  

I've had issues with the AirPort on my MacBook ever since I got it.  AirPort is the Mac's wireless connection.  It has never connected with our wireless router at home.  Other people's Macs will connect, but not mine.  Of course, when I took mine to an Apple store, it ran perfectly.  Little bastard.

Here at the Embassy we have an "internet cafe".  I've come over here many times because the bandwidth is much better than in our rooms.  A couple of nights ago, though, my Mac wouldn't connect.  It would see the network, but it wouldn't hook up.  I took it back to the room and it worked fine on the wire (just like at home).  I looked at the Apple discussion boards and found a bunch of things to try.  I also found out that my AirPort problems are not uncommon.  Anyway, I tried lotsa things and nothing worked.  Couldn't connect.  

So I shut the thing down and let it rest for hours.  Came back over here with another list of things to try and as soon as I fired it up, it worked fine.  Go figure.  I know that PC's get sleep-deprived if they go too long without an overnight rest, but Macs were supposed to be pretty much immune to that.  Not!

Okay, enough griping.  My computer works (again), we had a beautiful day here (low around 40, highs in the low 60's, bright and clear), and work is going pretty well.  And I've got a great big chocolate chip cookie waiting for my "cookie attack" which is due in about an hour.  So there: I just talked myself into a better mood.

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