Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Who Deploys to Iraq?

One of my co-workers, Lisa, has a daughter who's into film-making.  This young lady made a short documentary film that recently played at the DeadCENTER Film Festival.  The film was about Lisa, why she came to work with the Corps of Engineers in Iraq, and the effect it had on her and her family.  This documentary was filmed just as Lisa left on her third deployment to Mosul, a city in northern Iraq that is still pretty turbulent.  

And by the way, Lisa is now on her fourth deployment.

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Giannagirl said...

Dear Mister Rohde,

As always, your story touches my heart. What an awesome gift to her mother and such a valuable tool for all other Americans. The video is amazingly accurate in detailing all the emotions involved with serving in an assignment like Iraq.

The transitions from being there, connected to those, like yourself doing something so significant and then trying their best to reintegrate back into society. The conversations, relationships based conduct of friends and family seem so trivial and far is difficult to leave, even more difficult to find significance in what you do from that point. As a result, Lisa is back and serving her fourth mission. What an incredible woman and such a great story.

Your mark and contributions to the mission in Iraq will continue to enrich and move people for generations. It will never be known the entire impact each one of you make in all the lives of both Iraqis and one another.

Thank you all for your love of country and for doing the right thing by the Iraqi people. You will be honored and remembered forever.

All my best,