Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Few More Pictures

I haven't posted any pictures lately, so here are a few that magically appeared on my camera over the past couple of weeks.

"Prosperity" is the name of a base in the IZ. Among other things, it has a thriving batch of stores run by local Iraqis. Lots of stores have these "belly-dancing" outfits, but this is the first I've ever seen where it was displayed on a male mannikin!

Another part of Prosperity. Not all of Iraq is a desert - this area almost looks lush! Until you walk out in the dust and kick up a cloud of fine talcum powder ...

Most of the T-walls in Baghdad are coming down. Not all, though: some around Iraqi bases look like they're going to be permanent. Nobody likes plain gray concrete, so the Iraqis hire locals to decorate them.

In the last week or two at our old compound in the IZ, they closed down the laundry. When they got a batch of complaints, they installed two washers and dryers in the midst of our CHU's. If it looks to you like they're (a) outside, (b) uncovered, and (c) unlighted, well, you're very observant. We were just happy we didn't have a dust storm.

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