Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Soozee's Status Update

Our vet confirmed today that Soozee has Addison's disease. We were 95% sure that's what nearly killed her the other day, and now we know and can move forward with treatment. Addison's is never cured: with this condition, the adrenal glands just quit working and never start up again. But, as we have experienced for the past 20 months with her sister Indy, Addison's can be treated. Indy gets a cortisol shot every four weeks and takes Prednisone every day, and once we got her dosage levels figured out, she has been perfectly healthy. Soozee will probably follow almost the same regimen.

The reports from Soozee's RN (Janis) have been very positive over the past few days. Soozee is at home and resting comfortably most of the day. Her spirits are up and she is beginning to eat and drink on her own again. She's still very tired, but then, if you were in critical condition and on life support on Friday, you probably wouldn't be a bundle of energy, either. She finally had a nice poop on her own this morning, but you probably didn't need that level of detail.

Thanks to all who called and sent us notes of support. They were more important than you know. And many thanks to Jennifer and Darryl, our next-door neighbors, who jumped in and helped Janis out. And, as I said last time, Dr. Ryan Hammond at the Animal Hospital of Reems Creek was the one who pulled Soozee back from over the brink and saved her life.

I consider myself very blessed - I have two of the sweetest dogs in the world (who are both alive today because of Dr. Hammond), a wonderful wife who kept her head during this crisis, and friends and family who provided us with support. You can't ask for much more than that.


SillyLittleLady said...

SO glad to hear she's doing better! I've never heard of Addison's but I am so glad you guys caught both cases in time.

lorraine said...

Hi: It is odd that dogs get many of the same diseases that humans get. We don't expect it - for the most part. I'm happy that Dr. Hammond was so sharp and on the case with real dedication. Is Janis an RN by profession? Forgive me if you have mentioned it in your postings - I missed it. I am an RN and poop is top of the list of indications that things are getting back to normal - eating and pooping - that is it in the life cycle of health. Take care over there. lorraine

Storypainter said...

Hi, Lorraine. No, Janis is not an RN, but she has worked in the medical field for her whole adult life. She just became Soozee's 24-hour nurse during this ordeal and submitted regular reports in standard medical-chart lingo to me every couple of hours. Soozee now (10 days later)is acting as if the incident never happened, except she tires easily. And that's a wonderful thing.

Julyan said...

So glad she made it, Skip.

jen said...

Yay! So glad she's ok. What a great Christmas present!