Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

A happy new year to one and all. We had a fairly quiet one here. Our command got together for a party. There was plenty of food, karaoke (not for me!), and games. I got wiped out in blackjack as soon as I got brave. Played some Wii and proved to one and all how uncoordinated I am. Some built a bonfire outside and we roasted marshmallows - first time I've done that in many years. There were some fighter jets that made periodic low-level noisy passes over the base, which I thoroughly enjoyed. And we got to see a partial lunar eclipse from around 10 pm to around 11. A partial eclipse of a blue moon - how cool is that?

I got to sleep in today. Actually, I woke up at my usual time and then remembered that I didn't have to get up. So I didn't. Have been pretty much a slug all morning.

So goodbye, 2009. Goodbye to a pretty crummy decade in general. Let's hope 2010 and the teens are better.

2010 and the teens ... sounds like a pop band, doesn't it?

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