Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Insanity

This is getting ridiculous. I really don't like making posts about political matters, but sometimes I just have to. Yesterday's post was on that wacko Jon Voight and his question of whether Obama is pushing the US towards civil war. (The answer, of course, is that Obama isn't, but Voight and his far-right wingnuts are). Just now I read a news article saying that some Tea Partiers in Oklahoma want to form a militia. I ask, FOR WHAT?? What do you need a "militia" for when you've got the National Guard? What are you going to do, shoot any Federale who wanders into town? And did you ever notice it's always the right-wing who starts grabbing their guns and waving the flag at the same time? Do they have any concept that this nation is founded on a concept called "democracy", where you decide your course of action by the ballot and not by guns? This is insanity.

Back in the early days of the Bush administration, I saw them running this country right off the tracks. I was not very vocal then because I thought, these guys can't be serious. I was wrong: they were very serious, and screwed this country up something fierce. Now I see even worse insanity coming from the right wing again. I've already been accused of being over the top on this issue, but this news story warrants it. I'll say it again:

If you believe that guns and militias are the way to make things happen in the United States of America, you are going against every principle that this country has ever stood for. You are trampling the Constitution that you say you value. By using threats of force, you are nothing but a terrorist. You are un-American. And you are a traitor to your own country.

If you don't like what the Administration and Congress are doing, fine. Lobby them. Protest. Organize. Nominate your own candidates and work to get them elected. If you don't like a law that's in place now, file a lawsuit. That's the way we do things in this country: through the rule of law and peaceful means.

People in the Germany in the 1930's didn't stand up to the Nazis when the brown-shirt thugs began their campaign of terror. We shouldn't stand for it in our country now.

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