Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Revisions

I mucked around with another painting in the studio today. I originally did it in Baghdad - it's of the wall to the north of my barracks. It was pretty bland, I thought: mostly sky that didn't have anything interesting going on. Here's the original:

So today I slapped it up on my easel and went to work. I decided it needed a thundercloud, so here's how the painting is right now:

Much more interesting, no?


  1. Beautiful. So, when you're painting are you only thinking about the manipulation of the medium, or are you sifting through memories?

  2. Good question. Both, actually. Big thunderclouds aren't common in Baghdad, but they occur. I based this on clouds around home (been getting them every day for a couple of weeks now) and added in the dust that's almost always in the air in Iraq. And right now, I'm really focused on playing with paint and letting the skills and instincts come back. The encouraging part: they are coming back!