Thursday, March 08, 2012

New Sketches

I'm in Arghandab, a district in Kandahar Province, for a couple of weeks.  One of the Department of State team members is on leave and I'm filling in for him.  This has already proven to be an interesting and challenging assignment.  Power outages, dealing with the Afghan work ethic, meeting lots of soldiers and trying to remember their names and jobs so I can coordinate with the right guy, and moving the office from the District Center (source of the power outages) to a nearby Army tent (which is on a different power system and uses different voltage) has been a challenge.

Despite that, I have my sketchbook and have been able to do some quick drawings here and there.  Yesterday, for example, I attended the district shura, which is a public meeting where the District Governor, Chief of Police, officials, and village elders get together to discuss, well, everything.  It's a bit of a stage show, a bit chaotic, unscripted, surprising, and a great source of drawing material.

Shura Members
Pencil on paper, 5"x7"

 Abdul Manan
Pencil on paper, 7"x5"

 Battle Damage Claimant
Pencil on paper, 7"x5"

Shura Member
Pencil on paper, 7"x5"

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Debbie of Boise said...

Awesome sketches. They draw me in, wanting to know more about these men, wanting to know the stories of their lives. I would most enjoy and appreciate any stories you could share from the lives of the Afghan women and men you meet and work with. May God's blessing be with you, and be safe Skip!