Tuesday, June 05, 2012

A Few More Pictures

Okay, I'm back in my normal state of having lots of stuff to write about and no time to do it.  So I'll post a few pictures instead.

Soldiers are a magnet for kids.  Anytime we head over to the District Center, all the kids come running. This day, several of us were standing around waiting for something to finish up, and we were surrounded by kids the whole time.

Carpool, Afghanistan-style.

This is my normal view from my little hooch.  Scenery here on the FOB is mostly T-walls (essentially, great big Jersey barriers), huts made from 2x4's and plywood, desert-tan tents, and varying numbers of MRAPs and Strykers.  And crushed gravel.  Lots of crushed gravel.

On Friday, I did some house-cleaning.  My rug was filthy, so I took it outside and beat it to death, then washed the corpse down with water and soap.  Surprise!  It's still useable.  And very red.  I'd thought it was brown.

Moonrise over Maiwand.  Full moons always give everything an air of mystery, don't they?

Rest easy, America.  Soldiers and their Strykers are watching out for you.

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