Friday, March 22, 2013

Studio Developments

We're still working on getting the new studio ready.  I yanked out almost all the computer cabling that lined the walls so there wouldn't be any interruptions.  Meanwhile, Janis and I (mostly Janis) have been busy painting.  If you compare this picture to the one in the last post, you'll see that the yellow walls are gone (yay!), replaced by a neutral light gray.  We're also painting the doors and trim a bright white.  The ceiling tiles, though, still have that nasty yellow on them.  I've asked the building manager for new ceiling tiles.  If that he doesn't come through, then I'll have to paint them white.  The yellow affects all the colors in the room - in fact, you can see it in the photo, as the door, walls, and other areas have a yellow tinge to them.  Imagine what that might do to a painting!  We're going to have to repaint the floor, too, even though the landlord did it right before I moved in.  We put down drop cloths but still managed to get drips, splats, and light gray footprints all over the floor.  Besides, with the gray walls, there's just too much "gray" in there.

Still, it's coming along, and I'm very happy with it.  Next month, I'll be a working artist again!

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