Friday, January 27, 2017

Business Stuff

Launching a new business line takes an unbelievable amount of time.  I started the Asheville Event Paintings service at the first of the year and it seems like everything I've done since then has been related to the business side of that.  I've been tweaking the website, contacting wedding planners, working with the Asheville tourist bureau, checking out networking possibilities, researching firms in the wedding business, getting my brochures and business cards printed, you name it.  Everything except painting.

But I'm working on that.  I've got a new painting going.  It's a sample for what I can do for clients and will be used on the web site, in ads, and other places.  And it eventually will go to the couple who are depicted in the painting.  For now, though, it's coming together pretty quickly.  I got a vision of what it should look like, prepared the canvas, drew the composition lightly in charcoal, and then hit it today with the first layer of paint.  Miracle of miracles, it got a thumbs-up from Janis, my most reliable (and sometimes frustrating) critic.  The process has been pretty cool: everything seems to be flowing easily and naturally without any major glitches.  Something in the back of my mind keeps warning "this can't last!  it's gonna crash!" but so far, the little voice has been wrong.  Keep your fingers crossed!  And no, you can't see a photo of it yet.  Be patient, it'll come.

The encouraging thing has been that the idea, and my sample paintings, have been getting a great reception.  Instead of a bland "mm hmm, nice", I'm hearing "oh, WOW, look at that, it's beautiful!"  Yes, that makes my day.  I'm even hearing this from wedding planners, which is a really good thing.  So please keep your fingers crossed for this, too!

I'm pretty excited about doing these paintings.  I really like creating something that has great meaning to people.  I've done a few commissioned portraits and other pieces that were (still are) very important to those who got them.  Knowing that something I've done will be important to others for decades, if not longer, is very rewarding.  Making paintings of a couple's wedding falls into that category.  They'll forget the band, the photos will wind up in a folder on their computer, but the painting will be on the wall.  Assuming they remain together and have a passel of kids, it stands a good chance of being handed down.  I'm good with that.

So it's back to the marketing and business side of things tonight.  Can't wait to get back into the studio to finish this new painting up!