Friday, February 08, 2008

Non-Political Ramblings

Wednesday night we had our regular life drawing session in my studio. Since I'm a figure painter, I need to work from the figure on a regular basis. In our recent sessions, I did portrait studies in oil. This time we had the model doing shorter 20-minute poses and I worked in charcoal for the first time since before Christmas. It felt good to get the ol' drawing mindset going again. Here's one of the drawings:

Yesterday we got a new batch of photos of Jackson. Here's one of them. Evidently his dad has dreams of Jacks being a future Tiger Woods and supporting Dad with all his winnings!

Y'know how a minor project can grow all out of control? I'm still trying to work through a "project" from over a week ago. Janis had spotted a stain in the ceiling in the office, meaning a water leak somewhere. I found the source: a vent pipe was right over the stain, and the sealer around it was pretty much gone. It didn't take much to fix it: a run to Lowe's and some time on the roof and it was done. But in checking out the source, I had to get up into the attic ... and on this side of the house, there's only one access hatch, a tiny little thing in the top of the closet in the office. So everything in the closet had to come out. And here's where it became a Frankenproject: I thought, hey, it's dumb to just put everything back, I bet there's a lotta crap in there that should be thrown out. Boy, was I right. There were all my old military records and stacks and stacks of old bank and credit card statements dating back to (I kid you not) 1990. Yes. Seventeen years worth of statements. And do you think you can just throw this stuff away? No, mon chere, you can not. The military thought that my name was not officially my name without my SSN tacked onto the end, so every bit of official correspondence had it prominently displayed. And bank statements ... well, they're bank statements, with account numbers and all that. So I've spent lotsa hours this past week hunched over the shredder, feeding it a page at a time. And meanwhile we've been tracking little bits of shredded paper all over the house. You'd have thunk it snowed, only the stuff didn't melt. But I've just got a few pages to go now (I'm taking a break to let the shredder cool down) and it'll be done.

And you'll be happy to know that my roof repairs don't leak.