Thursday, July 17, 2008

More Courtroom Drawings

I spent Tuesday sitting in court again. The state of North Carolina is suing the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) over pollution from its coal-fired power plants. The trial is being held in the federal court here in Asheville. Our local TV station, WLOS, asked me to give them some images of the principal characters, which in this case are the attorneys. So here they are:

Judge Lacy Thornburg is presiding over the case. He's been a legal heavyweight in NC for many years, including a stint as the Attorney General.

Here's the NC team (left to right): Jim Gulick, Marc Bernstein, Anne Lynch, and lead attorney Mike Goodstein.

This is the TVA team (left to right): lead attorney Frank Lancaster, Maria Gillian, Harriety Cooper, and Thomas Fine.

Since there's no jury in this trial, Judge Thornburg graciously let me sit in the jury box so I could get these drawings.

The day I attended the trial, there was only one witness all day. He was an expert witness for North Carolina. He had two points to make: (1) TVA could have put pollution control measures in place anytime it wanted in the past and still can, and (2) the expert witness for TVA is an idiot. Everything else he said was a variation on those two themes. There. I just saved you 8 hours of listening to expert testimony.


TVA USA said...

I can understand why the media would like some of your drawings - they are excellent!

As to the trial itself, as a long-time critic of the TVA, I believe that NC has already made its point that the TVA is a domineering, authoritarian anomaly of the U.S. Constitution.

It never should have been ruled "okay" in the Ashwander case (the Supremes never ruled on the constitutionality of the TVA).

I have done a lot of writing about the TVA and still am hopeful that this federal court will somehow rule on the constitutionality of the TVA.

See my comentaries at and

I am a native of the South and I would like to see the TVA expunged from everything southern. The "TVA culture" has done nothing but keep the South under the federal thumb.

Keep up the good work! (And good commentary).

Ernest Norsworthy
Visalia, California

jen said...

More fantastic drawings!
My co-worker just mentioned courtroom drawings and wondered if anyone did that anymore, and I got to say, well I know someone who does them! I'm sending her a link....