Tuesday, July 29, 2008

San Diego Visit

I just got back from a trip out to San Diego to visit friends and family. Had a great time. I left Thursday on US Airways out of Charlotte on a direct flight to Sandy Ego. (US Air was having a very bad day that day. They changed our plane to a smaller one, but the flight was fully booked, so a lot of us were on the "bump" list. I managed to get on, but EVERY US Air flight in our area of the terminal was cancelled or late.) Spent Friday through Sunday with Rick, Julie, and Jackson. Came home yesterday (Monday). This US Airways flight was also fully booked, but it left and arrived exactly on time. Here's some memory-joggers from the trip:

Jackson and I played a game of "red ball" ... the only rule to this game was that we had to use the red ball.

A little grampaw/grandson bonding over the jet skis ...

On Sunday, we went to visit the USS Midway, which is now a museum.  I used to work with the Midway back in '79 and '80, when it was homeported in Japan.  Now it's a museum.  (Damn, I'm old.)  But it's a really well-done museum with lots of interactive stuff.  Really cool.

Another of Jacks and me.  He did not want to stand still for this picture!

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