Monday, February 09, 2009

A Signing Ceremony

Today was the culmination of the working group that I was involved with over the weekend.  There was a ceremony in which the US transferred ownership of the Basrah Children's Hospital to Iraq's Ministry of Health.  The Ambassador, Ryan Crocker, and the Iraqi Minister of Health, Dr. Salih, were the two officials signing.  It went off very well, much to my relief, since I did much of the coordination for it.  The event was held in a small courtyard at the Al Rasheed Hotel.  We had Iraqi and international press front and center, with a lot of people who've been involved with the hospital in one way or another observing.  

Here's Ambassador Crocker giving some very well-spoken remarks just after the signing.  Dr. Salih is pretty pleased, having just been given ownership of a very expensive, as yet unfinished, hospital.

Ever wonder what these events look like from a distance?  Here ya go.  I noticed that, quite often, the further back the individual was, the more work they'd done on the hospital.

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