Friday, April 24, 2009

"Weekends" in Wackyville

I got up early this morning, got into my jogging clothes, walked out the door, and then turned around and walked right back in.  We had a bad "dust fog" going.  It looked just like a very thick, slightly yellowish mist, one that would do San Francisco proud.  Except it wasn't fog, it was dust.  Incredibly fine stuff that just floated in the still air.  Lots of people wear face masks to filter the dust out, or hold handkerchiefs over their faces, or something, anything, to give you clean(er) air.  Take a normal breath and you can feel the grit in your teeth.  Before I went 50 yards, I felt like I needed a shower again.  I couldn't see anything past 100 yards.  Nasty stuff.

But it started clearing up pretty quickly.  It was noticeably better by noon.  By this evening, it was almost gone.  Our temperatures were 20 degrees cooler than yesterday, too.

Today was our "weekend".  You guys at home get two days off.  We get a half day.  And I wound up working most of that.  And I learned a lesson today: never ever ever eat chicken fried steak in our DFAC.  Never.  It took two Alka-Seltzer and a can of Diet Pepsi to calm that bad boy down.

On the positive side, in my one hour off late this afternoon, I started what will be a watercolor sketch of my little hooch.  More on that as it develops.

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