Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Rant

So Dick Cheney launched an attack on Obama today.  Reading through the reports, I continue to be amazed at the man's arrogance and stupefying ignorance of the irony of his own statements.  When Dick Cheney accuses Obama of "recklessness cloaked in righteousness", it just boggles the mind.  A phrase like that is how I would have described Cheney at any time over the past eight years.

What I want to know is, why does anybody think Dick Cheney has any credibility anymore?  He did more to undermine the Constitution's protections, such as separation of powers, protection from government intrusion, and prohibition of cruel and unusual punishments, than anybody alive.  He gave us a war with Iraq that was founded on a lie (I believe a deliberate lie) and shattered our economy with a program of massive government growth that was exceeded only by massive government giveaways to his rich and powerful friends.  His convoluted reasoning to support his positions is so twisted that it makes George Orwell's "1984" seem tame by comparison.  The man is a mean-spirited, evil scorpion.  Enough already.

I was just reading one of many obituaries of the Republican party.  Seems like every magazine has to have an article on how the Republicans are down and out, maybe forever; they've lost their way and have no hope.  I, of course, don't believe that for a heartbeat.  They're just going through a period where the conservative movement has been hijacked by hard-right ideologues who became intoxicated with power.  Tom DeLay, for example.  And Dick Cheney.  Men who thought that anything goes as long as they're the ones calling the shots.  Fortunately, the country has tossed them out and begun to repair the damage.  It'll take a long, long time.  Meanwhile, the Republicans have a chance now to re-invent themselves.  And I hope to God they do.  We need a responsible, thoughtful, articulate, pro-active conservative movement to keep this country balanced.  Not the morally and intellectually bankrupt old guard like Cheney, Gingrich, and Palin.

C'mon, guys.  I was a Republican once, until your drift to the far right pushed me out.  Get it together, come up with an inspiring and inclusive platform, and let's get serious about making this country better.  And get rid of Cheney and Limbaugh and their ilk.  They're dragging you down.

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