Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Visit to Flintstone Village

Today I went out to Victory Base, out at the airport, for some work on a couple of projects.  When that was done, a group of us went over to Flintstone Village.  This, according to my probably erroneous information, was built by Saddam Hussein for the enjoyment of his extended family, many of whom were big fans of the Flintstones.  The "village" is an interconnected series of cave-like structures made out of concrete that's falling apart.  But it's imaginative and it was a hoot to visit.

Americans have left their own imaginative tags on the place ever since we arrived in 2003.

Flintstone Village was the kind of place where you're saying "you gotta be kidding" about every three minutes.  And be careful where you step!  All these "houses" and "mountains" are all built out of crumbling concrete over rusty wire mesh, with a very scary-looking structure underneath.

But hey, next time you're in Baghdad, you gotta take a look!

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