Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Janis and I finished up our stay in Mt. Dora in style. We went back to the Goblin Market Restaurant for another fabulous dinner. We had lobster quesadillas with fruit chutney and tempura stuffed artichoke hearts for appetizers. Janis had the cedar plank salmon encrusted with pistachios and blue cheese and a roasted pablano creme sauce. I had Filet Napolean - two 4 oz filets with portobello mushrooms and mashed potatoes, all washed down with a wonderful Columbia Crest merlot. Sound pretty perfect? You had to be there. It was!

We left a bit earlier than planned on Thursday morning. We were going to stop in Savannah again, but we hit town early, about 2 pm, and decided to push on through. That decision proved to be very hard on Indy. She got very stressed out after being in the car over six hours, and since she has Addison's, which upsets her body chemistry, she suffered. We stopped several times and she had to barf and had the squirts each time. Then she settled down and went to sleep. We arrived home about 8:30 pm. The next day, Indy was back to normal, happily taking me and her sister Soozee on our twice-daily walk. Vacations are great, but it's also great to be back in your own home, isn't it?

Now it's the Memorial Day weekend. I observed it a few days ago, on the 25th. That's the anniversary of the date that two of my friends were killed in Fallujah by a roadside bomb. I had never had any friends lose their lives during my career in the Navy, so Memorial Day was a meaningful but not personal event. Now it's personal, and for me it will always be on May 25th.

So this weekend is a quiet one. I've been working on a major cleaning/polishing of my truck and doing some household projects. Right now, I'm watching the Indianapolis 500. Soozee is sound asleep on her back right next to me, legs splayed, and I can reach down and rub her belly during commercials. Indy is yipping in her sleep back in the bedroom. Life is pretty awesome.

Somebody from Japan has left several comments to blog postings, but they've all been in kanji and I can't read them. If they're in English, I'll be happy to post 'em.

Happy Memorial Day to you all!


  1. Hey Skip,Are you back for good, or just on R&R from Baghdad? Great news that you are showing your paintings at the Cotton Mill studios.