Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Canine Crisis, Part 3

Our sweet little Indie had her checkup yesterday.  You may remember from previous posts that a couple of weeks ago she suddenly developed Addison's syndrome, which is when your adrenal glands quit working.  We thought we might lose her.  However, Addison's is treatable (not curable).  In yesterday's checkup, all her blood chemicals were normal and her weight was back up to a rousing 13.4 pounds, about where it was when it all began.  Just as important, her spirits are up, her attention level is back to normal, she's active and giving her sister hell.  Her stamina is back to about 99% of where it was before, but then, she's very much a tomboy.  So all is well in Indie-land.

Side effects of the Prednizone we give her every day are minimal.  Her water intake and outflow are up a bit - not quite as dramatically as earlier, but noticeable.  The only odd thing is that she has taken a lot more interest in humping her sister.  Hey, if it feels good, do it, right?  Soozee is clueless, of course.  We don't know if Indie is gender-confused, a hard-core incestuous lesbian, or just feeling the effects of the steroids.  Whatever the case, it's just an amusing and mild side effect, and given the alternatives, we'll take it any day.

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