Friday, April 25, 2008

Follow-Ups to Previous Posts

Yeah, that's right, this post will probably only be of interest to those three of you who've occasionally been stopping in here.

Back on the 14th, I sent a note to all three presidential candidates asking what they were going to do about George Bush's signing statements. To date, the only thing I've gotten are several notes from Obama telling me to vote early in the NC primaries, and innumerable emails and telephone solicitations from Hillary to send her some money. From McCain, nuthin'.

On the 13th, I wrote a post entitled "Free Art?", about how a government agency wanted me to do some artwork for them for free. Instead, I wrote up a proposal for a decent project ("decent" in that it would look like something you'd want to actually show somebody), included what it would cost them (not free, but not my normal gallery costs, either), sent it in, and forgot about it. I figured they'd never go for it. Well, they subsequently asked me for a sketch of what I had in mind. I'm working up a rather detailed watercolor mockup of part of it and will turn it in to them on Monday. Maybe they'll go for the project after all.

One of my dogs came down with Addison's disease a while back. It's not really a disease, but a condition in which her adrenal glands have shut down. I was afraid we might lose her, but the vet put her on a regimen of once-a-month shots and daily doses of Prednizone. Now she's back to normal. I think her stamina is down just a notch, and she has taken a greater interest in humping her sister, but otherwise, she's the same ol' Indy. Thank God.

The local newspaper picked up on my press release about Warrior winning the national competition. They ran a big article on the painting and me. I started getting calls from friends and neighbors commenting on it. Today I walked in the post office and the clerk said "Whoah, it's the world-famous artist!". Yes, it's fun. You can read the article here.

'Nuff for now. I'm tired. My dog Soozee is sprawled out on the rug right behind me, flat on her back, all four legs pointing to the heavens, snoring like a freight train. She's got the right idea.

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