Monday, April 14, 2008

Warrior Wins National Competition

My painting Warrior was just awarded First Place in a nationwide competition for Iraq memorial art! The competition was sponsored by Art Cries Out (a link to their web site is on the right somewhere). I mentioned the site and the competition here a few days ago. I am so excited, I'm bouncing off the walls! It's been a while since anything this positive has happened to me, at least in my "professional artist" world, and it sure is wonderful.


Sally said...

Really fantastic news Skip! But I'm not's a very moving painting. Congratulations. By the way I did take the time to check out your paintings on your website, and I enjoyed looking at all of them. I would like to put your blog on my blogroll if you dont mind, so I can check on what your painting from time to time. Hope this is okay with you. Again Congrats for the 1st Place prize!

digant sutar said...

great work...
n imp msg too
what can i say more?
its realy touching...
my best wishes
take care