Sunday, August 10, 2008

Quick Update

Yes, I haven't posted anything in too many days.  Everything is moving at a very fast clip right now, leaving me no time to add anything to this blog.

The reason is that last Monday, I finally got a firm date for the beginning of my adventure with the State Department.  I'll leave this coming Wednesday.  Yep, that's pretty quick.  My experience with State is that they're like a glacier: things creep along at a snail's pace for months, then suddenly everything happens at once.  So on Wednesday, I'll drive up to DC for inprocessing and two weeks of training.  I'm hoping to see a bunch of old friends while there, and certainly will stay with my aunt and cousin in Baltimore for a few nights.  When the training is over, I'll come back home for the Labor Day weekend.  Then I'll fly out on Sep 1 or 2 enroute Baghdad.

So this development kicked everything into high gear.  I've been finishing up house projects and sorting stuff to take with me or mail to myself.  I've pretty much got the new computers figured out.  One neat thing is the Macs have a videoconference capability built right in.  Didn't take even a komputer klutz like me very long to figure it out.  Now I need to get J trained on some of the things I've learned.

Speaking of Janis, her last day of working at the hospital was Thursday.  She's now officially unemployed and pretty happy about it.

Last night, we met up with our friends Marty and Eileen.  They own the Cotton Mill building where my studio is located.  We went out to dinner at the Sunny Point Cafe in west Asheville.  Great little place, wonderful food.  I ate too damn much.  Then we went to see the Terpsicorps dance production at the Diana Wortham Theater.  Terpsicorps is a contemporary dance company based in Asheville and run by Heather Maloy.  She and her dancers are really good.  Last night they did one of their standards, "Couch Potato", which is on YouTube:

So now it's back to work. I checked email, spent some time doing this, and still have too much to do!

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