Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Golfing in the IZ

A couple of days ago, we went decided that we needed to hold an office golf tournament.  So off we went to the finest golf course in the International Zone.  Yes, it's the only golf course in the IZ.  And that's really stretching the definition of a "golf course".  This gem is a 9-hole par 3 layout.  It's run by the fine folks at the NATO headquarters, located right behind Saddam's crossed-swords military parade site.  

Here I'm teeing of on hole #5 or 6 ... I dunno, they all look pretty much alike ... just like dirt.  I doubt you've ever seen such a plume of dust on a tee shot.  For me, it was the norm.

And you can see how far I actually hit the ball ... maybe 6 inches on that mighty swing ...

Here's our gang on the green.  No, I don't see much green here, either.  

The course was a bit of a challenge.  After scoring a whopping 13 on the first two holes (this is a par 3, remember), I came back and was the only one in our group to actually score a birdie.  Yes!  I have absolutely no idea how that happened.  And I made up for it on the next hole, with something like a 7.  Or 8.

Scores didn't matter, though.  It was just an excuse to get out and have some fun.  Mission accomplished!

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  1. Ha! Great pics...miss you here in A-ville!!